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There are so many marketing and design companies out there, staffed by talented and creative people. How do you choose? Choosing a marketing and website design company isn't so different than choosing a tattoo artist to design and apply a piece of artwork that is so meaningful to you that you want it to permanently adorn your body. You would perform your due diligence: You would find an artist whose portfolio of work most closely resonates with your own values, style, and vision. BrightBulb Solutions performs work across a wide spectrum of companies and industries, from artists and musicians, to investment houses and attorneys, museums and municipalities and much more. We tailor our creative output to the client's individual needs. In doing so, we are able to capture many different styles of varying look and feel. We are proud to share with you our portfolio of some of our favorite website designs, logos and corporate identity branding, illustrations, animations, videos, marketing campaigns and print ads. What you see is what you can expect: High quality, customized work that exceeds your expectation. If you like what you see and feel our approach to be a good match for your project, contact us.


Website Design

Your web site is the face of your business. There simply is no way to overstate the importance of a superior web site design. Within the first few seconds, a potential customer or client has already made assumptions about the legitimacy, trustworthiness, expertise and success of your business based solely on the design. Web site design is not anything you want to leave to amateurs. BrightBulb can design web sites of any size and for any industry. Musicians, artists, lawyers, municipalities, hospitals, nonprofits, museums and more have engaged BrightBulb’s services.

Search Engine Optimization

Very few SEO companies can deliver what they promise.  BrightBulb has a long history of success, performing SEO and achieving results for businesses of all sizes for over 15 years. Organic Search Engine Optimization has become more complex and more competitive than ever as an ever-growing number of businesses compete for the few coveted spots at the top of the search results. SEO is a long-term commitment and investment in your business and there is no cheap and fast way to accomplish it. SEO is a science and an art, encompassing high-quality web site design and content, expert link building and any number of internet marketing techniques that drive your web site to the top of the search engine results. We're the real deal.

Corporate identity / Brand Building

Developing, understanding and implementing your corporate identity is vitally important. A strong brand is a very foundation that supports your website design, your marketing messages and everything you do. Why? Because your identity and brand represent all of the visual touch points by which your company engages its audience: logo, slogan, web site, envelopes, letterhead, business cards, signage and more. BrightBulb will take you through the process of developing a brand that is relevant, deliverable, credible, differentiating and, most importantly, inspired and inspiring.

Graphic / Print Design

Not every aspect of marketing has been swallowed up by the Internet. There are still many industries and businesses that need to advertise their products and services through traditional print mediums such as brochures, posters, annual reports, sales literature, packaging and more. Effective print advertising is still viable in many markets. BrightBulb's disciplined and methodical approach blends the perfect combination of words with the most provocative imagery that sends the right message to the right audience in order to achieve the greatest ROI.

Content Management

Words are powerful entities that, when perfectly crafted, can compel and influence readers to trust your business and to purchase products and services based solely on the strength of those words. BrightBulb's creative and strategic approach produces high-quality, creative and compelling copy that grabs attention, instills trust and increases sales.

We provide a wide range of copywriting services:

  • Web content
  • Print advertising
  • Radio scripts
  • SEO copy
  • Annual reports
  • Brand definition manuals
  • Email marketing
  • and more ...

E-Commerce Development

The buying and selling of goods and services online has become a common and even preferred shopping method for retailers and consumers. The widespread proliferation of e-Commerce has allowed traditional businesses with a brick and mortar store a secondary revenue stream and has allowed the emergence of businesses that operate strictly on the web. Regardless of the size of your business - from a large web store with thousands of products to a smaller, more exclusive boutique shop - we can develop an e-Commerce solution that blends seamlessly with your web site and marketing which includes:

  • Shopping Cart
  • Order Taking 
  • Order Processing
  • Shipping
  • Inventory Management
  • Promotions
  • Security
  • and more ...


  • Interactive Multimedia Applications
  • Keynote & Powerpoint Presentations
  • Video Editing
  • CD ROM Presentations
  • Animation / Motion Graphics
  • Photography
  • Videography

About BrightBulb Solutions

BrightBulb Solutions is a full-service boutique marketing and advertising agency committed to providing custom marketing solutions that bring our clients tangible and measurable results. We use our creative resources to help our clients maintain a vibrant and healthy enterprise by designing campaigns that attract new customers as well as nurturing existing ones.

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