Brand Identity

A thoughtful and well-designed logo is both a critical and vital aspect of your business branding. A logo graphically symbolizes and represents your company and gives it a unique visual identity. Though a logo is small, it is of large importance as the very foundation of your company's brand strategy. Effective logos have actually contributed to success of some of the largest and most recognized companies in the world. Think of Nike's trademark "swoosh" or Apple Computer's apple. An effective logo that has a perfect blending of the right color, font and image will capture and convey your company's values and depth and will allow your customers who share those values to identify with your core brand.

Web Design & Development

In the age of the Internet, your web site has become the face of your business. In most cases a prospect's first encounter with your business will be through your web site and first impressions count. Because your competition is only one click away, you usually don't get a second chance.

There simply is no way to overstate the importance of having a superior web site design. Within the first few seconds, a potential customer or client has already made assumptions about the legitimacy, trustworthiness, expertise and success of your business based solely on the design. Web site design is not anything you want to leave to amateurs.

BrightBulb's services have been engaged by musicians, artists, lawyers, municipalities, hospitals, nonprofits, museums and more. Why? Because we're capable and we care.

Product Packaging

About BrightBulb Solutions

BrightBulb Solutions is a full-service boutique marketing and advertising agency committed to providing custom marketing solutions that bring our clients tangible and measurable results. We use our creative resources to help our clients maintain a vibrant and healthy enterprise by designing campaigns that attract new customers as well as nurturing existing ones.

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